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Commerce Chiropractic Reviews


  • Thank you, Dr. Sadowski, for complete attention to my care and treatment today. It was refreshing to listen to you about my wellness and care. The combination of your adjustments made me feel like I was treated with “traditional” and “progressive” treatments. Thank you! 

    -Tom C.
  • Great doctor with great manner and skills!!! Great receptionist – Stacy!!! So welcoming and warm!!! 

    -Pat O.
  • Thanks for making my first visit exciting. Yes, I was nervous but you guys were very patient and helpful.

    -Sarah R.
  • You were extremely kind, efficient, and helpful! I was a bit nervous about it, but it went very smoothly and you found all my problem spots right away, some I didn’t even realize I had! All around excellent experience and I will be coming back.

    -Ryan O.
  • The confidence of the doctor was comforting and made me very trustful. I was excited to be a part of this new treatment method.

    -Audrey F.
  • I am impressed with Dr. Sadowski’s knowledge, manner, and methods. I trust him and am confident he can help me.

    -Hannah D.
  • Very great first experience at a chiropractor. I will most definitely be coming back.

    -Hillary W.
  • I have never felt better in my life since I started with Dr. Sadowski.

    -Midge S.
  • I feel amazing after only two visits. Thank you so much!

    -Stacy W.
  • Staff is very friendly!

    -Jeffrey P.
  • Wonderful experience.

    -Joel G.
  • Awesome service! I did notice a change immediately. I really recommend Rich 100%.

    -Oscar D.
  • Staff is super friendly and Dr Richard was amazing!

    -Frederic H.
  • I had a great experience so far. Stacy is very nice and helpful. The correction I had from Rich, the best ever. Highly recommend!

    -Gezim Z.
  • Feeling much better already.

    -Karrie D.
  • Great customer service. The whole staff was very welcoming and made you feel very comfortable with the entire process.

    -Connor L.
  • It was a wonderful experience. After my adjustment and massage, I slept better than I have in weeks! 

    -Lisa B.
  • Your staff is just wonderful, the ladies that work at the front desk are more than helpful and so kind. Always a pleasure coming in. Doctor is doing wonders for my back issues. Thank you!

    -Michelle C.
  • Everyone was great very professional–very satisfying experience. Thank you!

    -Marianne E.
  • The friendliest staff in town!

    -Karen Z.

Friendly and Caring

To the wonderful staff at Commerce Chiropractic. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns and making me feel comfortable after my first adjustment. You are all very friendly and caring.

~Michelle M.

Wonderful Bedside Manner

Thank you Dr. Sadowski for treating me for my back injury. I was in extremely bad pain for three months, unable to sit, stand, sleep, lift or move in any position. I was miserable! I can now do all those things with one adjustment. He has a wonderful bedside manner and his staff is very friendly. I will be using Dr. Sadowski for any issues in the future.

~Janet B.

Feel Good About My Care

I enjoyed my first visit. I especially liked the warm attitude of your receptionist when I called to make the appointment. She was kind and helpful. Your office is very comfy and relaxing. Staci was so nice, just made me feel at ease. Your techniques and touch are advanced, I think I will be a good patient. I was a bit sore today, but I feel good about my care. Thanks for everything.

~Judy R.

Feels Better After One Treatment

I have been going to chiropractors for thirty years. Have had lower back problems for much longer. Have tried acupuncture, mussel therapy rehabilitation, computerized traction machines, ultrasound, laser light therapy, trigger point and nothing felt better than walking out after one treatment with the IQ Impulse instrument adjustment.

~Gary S.

Instant Relief!

I felt instant relief after my first appointment!! The staff was so nice and very helpful.

~Nicole D.

Very Pleased

I contacted the chiropractor when I was having a very difficult time with my back. The office staff went out of their way to make sure paperwork and insurance were easily taken care of and got me in fairly quickly to see if the chiropractor could help resolve my issues. I felt Dr.Sadowski was very knowledgeable, and I felt very comfortable. During my exam I felt he was able to pinpoint exactly what I was describing to him are​ the areas in my back and pelvic bone that were bothering me, and he actually explained why places on my leg and calf were so sore. I was very pleased with what I experienced on my 1 st visit

~Sheryl F.

Incredible Relief

Our experience was an incredible relief! My son had endured shoulder pain from rowing for 8 months. We had been to orthopedic doctors and physical therapists for about 6 months with no improvement. We thought he was ruined for life. With just one short visit, the problem was diagnosed and treated with about a 75% improvement and should be completely resolved within a week. What a blessing this was to us!!! We are extremely grateful to Dr. Sadowski

~ Sebastian & Crystal T.

I’m So Happy

I’m so happy to be connected to Dr. Sadowski & his team! Professional, great listeners, understandable explanations of what is going on with my bones, joints, nerves, blood flow etc. I feel like a valued patient and appreciate the quality care at Commerce Chiropractic. Thank you!

~ Betty Lou S.


I was impressed with both the person at the front desk and also the doctor. I have been searching for 3 years for a chiropractor to replace the one that I had when I lived in Brighton. I am so happy that I finally found a doctor who listens to my needs. Thanks Dr. Rich.

~ Pat B.

Great Staff!

Great staff! So grateful to be a patient receiving your care!

~ Lisa T.

Highly Recommend

Will recommend to all of my friends!

~ Debbie B.

Very Good Experience

Dr. Sadowski’s willingness and ability to explain literally everything was very much appreciated. His, “Director of 1st Impressions”, Christy, is an absolute delight, and a definite asset to the practice. All in all, it was a very good experience.

~ Leroy G.

Professional And Friendly

Dr. Sadowski and his staff were very professional and friendly. I will definitely recommend him to friends and family members looking for a quality chiropractor.

~ Sharon M.

Great Experience

“What a great experience! Kristi at the front desk was excellent! Like an old friend you just hadn’t met yet! The doctor totally related to my 15 year old son (that is a talent in and of itself) and the massage by Julie – a solid hour of hands on therapeutic wonder! Thank You!”

~ Christopher Y.

Totally Impressed

“This was my first visit ever to any chiropractor and I was totally impressed. I will admit to have had misconceptions about chiropractic care, but Dr. Sadowski uses the latest techniques and equipment without the old-school trauma. I felt immediate change and feel he will correct my long term issue quickly and comfortably.”

~ Bob G.

Modern Equipment

“Pleasant atmosphere, close to home, Doctor seems to know what he’s doing, has modern equipment, no longer pulling and tugging but zapping with a modern day sonar or pulse gun. Whatever it’s called it was great. Stiff neck feels great, back will take some time to get better, but that’s why I’m there! Great job!”

~ Nancy N.

Best Experiences

“We are so glad that we found you! It was the best experience with chiropractic we ever have had! The location is really nice and the staff really helpful and friendly. See you soon!”

~ Nina N


“Your staff is AMAZING! I had never been to a chiropractor and I was a little nervous but they put me at complete ease. Dr. Rich, I had pretty much thought I would have to live with constant pain but you’ve given me hope. Thank you so very much.”

~ Denise C.