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Special Events at Commerce Chiropractic

Community Wellness

We are driven to help make our community the healthiest place to live in the country. If we can achieve this, our children will grow up in a world where health and wellness is at the forefront of their decision-making process.

Our neighbors will toss out their supposedly lifelong prescription medication and our entire culture would reap vitality and their utmost potential.

On a regular basis, we host events, initiatives, lectures, teleseminars and more, including:

  • Exercise programs
  • Nutritional programs to transform the lives of those living with heart disease, diabetes and hormonal imbalances
  • Programs specializing in helping children with ADHD
  • Teaching opportunities for schools and religious groups
  • Walking clubs
  • Workshops about raising healthy families, proper nutrition and a healthy nervous system
  • Yoga classes

For the most updated list of Special Events, check out our Facebook Events page.

Commerce Chiropractic events will give you the opportunity to learn more about your health. Become engaged and informed by seeing what’s next! Contact us today to learn more!
(248) 363-4999