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Commerce Chiropractic Reviews


  • I feel like a new person! I’m so happy I found Commerce Chiropractic.
    -Breanna W.
  • You guys rock! I love the comfortable environment. I appreciate the attention to detail from the moment I walked into the office to the time I left. Very thorough.
    -Byron C.
  • Upbeat and positive!
    -Carrie L.
  • Good environment and fast professional service. The lady upfront needs a raise in pay.
    -Andrea F.
  • Amazing! Was barely walking and after one visit I was not only walking, but back on the elliptical (albeit at less resistance) and back playing golf!
    -Steve G.
  • Wonderful experience. I enjoyed meeting the staff. I felt I was listened to and things were explained well. I didn’t feel rushed. Most importantly I got answers to my questions in a way that made sense.
    -Joe J.
  • So refreshing to know up front about all procedures and charges. Your practice seems very organized. Thank you.
    -Nancy K.
  • Thank you, Stacy and Dr. Rich! My back and neck feel better already! Looking forward to my next visit!
    -Steve J.
  • I was very happy to be able to see Dr. Sadowski today. I am very hopeful that being treated by Dr. Sadowski will give me the relief I need from my back pain.
    -Nancy G.
  • Very professional. Everything was explained.
    -Tom R.
  • I’m looking forward to my next visit!
    -Cathy S.
  • Friendly atmosphere Very knowledgeable about my problems. Thankful for the help.
    -Beauty P.
  • Down-to-earth staff is always the best to you thanks.
    -Ron S.
  • Fantastic first experience with this office!
    -Krysten M.
  • From start to finish, it was a great experience and I feel better after just one visit.
    -Chris M.
  • Wonderful experience. I highly recommend Commerce Chiropractic. Thank you!
    -Karen M.
  • Very pleased with the care my son received.
    -Michelle H.
  • Thank you!
    -Anne D.
  • Stacie and Dr Sadowski were great!
    -Dan E.
  • I’ve never been to a chiropractor with a consultation first. I felt like I was really heard, questions were asked, and a plan put in place. I’m beyond impressed with my whole office experience.
    -Kari R.
  • Dr. Rich was fantastic!
    -Mitch L.
  • Both Dr Richard and Staci were so friendly and caring looking forward to staying healthy
    -Cyndi W.
  • My daughter had a great 1st experience at the chiropractor! Everything was explained why she was having the pain that she was, and what he was going to do. She left with no questions!
    -Carin E.
  • It was a very satisfying experience. I look forward to more visits.
    -Alma C.
  • Very Friendly and made me feel welcome the minute I walked through the door. I was super nervous but you eased my worries. Thank you
    -Gretchen S.
  • You have a wonderful, friendly team-very caring! Michelle
    -Michele M.
  • This was my first visit. From the moment I came in the staff was cheerful and professional. Doctor Sadowski listened to what my issues were and then examined me while explaining what he was seeing. The adjustment went quick and gave me some immediate reduction in the pain I was in. In the first day after my appointment and following his icing instructions my condition has greatly improved.
    -Gerry A.
  • Dr Sadowski has been very helpful!
    -Lori S.
  • Fantastic pricing! Methods were excellent compared to other chiropractors. Already recommended you to 2 people.
    -Jennifer P.
  • Wonderful office. The doctor and staff were excellent and the facility is top-notch.
    -Sharon P.
  • The Commerce Chiropractic Team is incredible. From the ease of making an appointment to the friendly greeting by name when you walk in. The doctors confident and kind demeanor. Staci explanation of the treatment plan and insurance/cost (what you can expect). Always eager to answer questions. I HIGHLY recommend This office Dr. Sadowski, Staci & Team. Hopefully they will help you as much as they have helped me!
    -Michele P.

I Was Very Pleased

I was very pleased with the pain relief and ability to sleep after my first visit. I am confident and thankful that my progress will continue. I am also impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of both the doctor and staff!

~Mary P.

I Was Beyond Impressed

I wasn't sure what to expect with my first chiropractic visit and I was beyond impressed. The staff was so kind and friendly and knowledgeable. The service was quick and efficient. I truly appreciate the time they took to explain what was going on & what our plan would be moving forward. I was very comfortable and well taken care of. I'm looking forward to coming back & will definitely be recommending them to friends and family.

~Sarah K.

Absolutely Extraordinary

Commerce Chiropractic is extremely welcoming, and answers any and all questions you might have right from the jump! Their energy and explanations make the overall experience absolutely extraordinary!

~Hannah B.

My Experience Was Exceptional

I called and got in right away due to a last minute cancellation. My experience was exceptional and I could not be more pleased with the doctor and the team that assisted in the overall experience!

~Theresa H.

I Left Feeling Better

The office staff was very upbeat and pleasant. The cause of my discomfort was explained clearly and the planned treatment was fairly short term - 4 weeks and 4 visits - unlike other chiropractors that suggested I come 6 days per week for 5 weeks, then 5 days a week for 4 weeks. I left my first visit already feeling better and with the expectation I would continue to improve.

~Ron B.

Feeling Better

After just my first visit and adjustment, I walked out of Dr. Sadowski's office with my neck feeling better than it has been for the past 15 years!

~Jack L.

So Glad I Found This Place!

I am so glad I found this place! I am confident that my neck /pain will soon be a distant memory. Looking forward to my next visit and I highly recommended this office.

~Anne B.

Excellent Adjustment

I have seen over a dozen chiropractors in my life, and I've only had one visit so far, but Dr Sadowski gave me an excellent adjustment hitting all of my problem areas.

~Dave T.

Dr. Sodowski is the Best!

Dr. Sodowski helped me with my condition when doctors couldn't. For three weeks I suffered with jaw pain and an ear ache, and an ENT couldn't help, my dentist couldn't help, my primary care doctor couldn't help. Why I didn't think of going to Dr. Sodowski in the first place I have no clue. I had forgotten how good Chiropractors are. And He is the best. I highly recommend him.

~Nancy N.

I Left Feeling So Much Better!

I had my first visit today. I called at lunchtime to make an appointment. Much to my surprise, they were able to see me later the same day. Dr. Sadowski is super nice and was very informative on his findings as well as what he was doing and why. I left feeling so much better and moving with more ease than when I walked in. I will be attending follow up sessions and look forward to seeing my situation improve!

~Heather G.

I Am Glad I Found This Office!

I was an extreme skeptic of chiropractic medicine and intended on going in for a consultation only. I was not ready to commit to any kind of treatment. After getting a thorough explanation of the process, with each step being explained by a very knowledgable doctor as well as staff, I was convinced this office could help me. After my first treatment, I was 50% better than when I came shuffling and hobbling in. I will continue to get treatment here. I am glad I found this office.

~Brian S.

Let's Get Cracking!

Thank you for making us feel welcome and explaining everything in detail before hand. Appreciate the fresh cup of coffee and we look forward to a long relationship with your team. Our first adjustment was spot on, The doc can certainly tell the areas that are tense and that need attention. now let s get Crackin !!!

~The Romero Family

Improvement Even After Session One!

This was my first experience at the chiropractor. I'm not sure if I ever would have tried if it were not for knowing the owners/staff - Staci and Rich—with whom I would trust my life! I'm noticing improvement even after session one Thank you!

~Kathy A.

Very Well Cared For

I left feeling very well cared for, and respected. I was treated for my specific issues, and not given cookie-cutter help. The staff was genuinely friendly, and the doctor was very caring. I feel confident about continued care.

~Marcy L.

Very Personable and Knowledgeable

Stacey was amazing and the Dr. was very personable and knowledgeable. I was made to feel very welcome and very comfortable. I felt great after my very first adjustment.

~Chuck D.

Friendly and Caring

To the wonderful staff at Commerce Chiropractic. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns and making me feel comfortable after my first adjustment. You are all very friendly and caring.

~Michelle M.

Additional Testimonials