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What to Expect

Visiting a doctor for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. We work hard to ensure that our new patients feel welcome and at ease. New patients often remark how friendly our office is. Our goal is to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable environment.

Welcome — We’ve Been Expecting You!

Welcome to Commerce Chiropractic

Welcome to Commerce Chiropractic!

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by name and asked to complete a brief amount of paperwork. These forms can be found on our Online Forms page and can be completed prior to your arrival. Please allow yourself approximately 30-45 minutes to get acquainted with our office and to consult with Dr. Sadowski.

Dr. Sadowski will discuss your health goals and whether chiropractic is likely to help you. If we feel it can, a thorough examination will help identify the cause of your problem. The chiropractic examination includes range of motion testing.


Same-day Adjustments

Next, you’ll receive Dr. Sadowski’s findings from your examination, including a detailed analysis of how to solve the problem you’re seeking our help with. We’ll consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. We’ll explain everything to you, including how long it will take and any financial obligations, before we start care. You’ll get your first adjustment right away on this visit if you choose to.

Follow-up Visits

We recognize that your time is valuable and we don’t want to waste it! Our entire team strives to keep waiting times to a minimum. Dr. Sadowski will adjust you and may recommend stretching or exercises.

Like a regular workout at the gym, each visit builds on the ones before. Miss a visit and we can lose the momentum necessary to make the needed changes. Our goal is to provide a chiropractic adjustment in the same amount of time it takes to stop for a gourmet coffee!

We want you to feel comfortable with the decision of joining our practice. If you have any questions, contact us today at (248) 363-4999.