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Check out our video series on YouTube, SOS: Save Our Spines with Dr. Sadowski.

Dr. Sadowski offers health tips and answers questions from patients like you. Feel free to send us an email with a question you have to be anonymously featured on our next video!

Chiropractic: Getting Started

Vibracussor Muscle Trigger Point Relief
Impulse Adjusting
Rusty Hinges

Pain Relief

Low Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Neck Pain
Migraine Headache
Stomach Trouble

Kids & Athletes

Can Chiropractic Help Kids?

Strengthening and Exercise

None currently available – Please check back soon

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Low Back Pain

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Go Chiro!

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Icing: Yes or No?

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Impulse® Adjusting

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Numbness and Tingling

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Better Posture in 4 Minutes

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