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Millionaires Mindset

I’ve always been fascinated with millionaires.

Not with the stuff they own, but in the way they conduct their lives.

A friend of mine recently told me about an afternoon poolside conversation he had in Cabo with an infomercial millionaire who invented everything the sold.

One of the key takeaways was how unimportant stuff is. The man had over 4 billion in sales and drove a Volkswagen Bug.  A nice one.  But a Bug, nevertheless.

One of his thrills was to go to Costco, not to buy stuff but to watch other people buy stuff.

Of course, millionaires have nice houses, cars and jewelry, but society’s growing trend is becoming “Less is More”.

Even Mark Zuckerberg and Warren Buffett have relatively modest homes for their billions in wealth.

Over the last couple of years, I have been trending toward a minimalist lifestyle; deciding what is important and essential.

A mentor of mine taught me that growth is a process of shedding. What a difference that has made in my life.

Being a minimalist helps you focus on only what is essential and important to you.

Some of the benefits are:

less stress

less responsibility

more freedom

better finances

more clarity

more presence with family and friends

and more time to enjoy life

That’s why our office offers:

simple hours

simple affordable fees

simple paperwork

Pure chiropractic- No red tape and hoops to jump through!

We have learned that patients love simple and narrowly focused businesses that are really good at just one thing.

Watching your back,

Dr. Rich Sadowski

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